22nd November 2016

Jordan Bailey

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Jordan BaileyLondon born Jordan Bailey left school and immediately embarked on a 2 month tour of Europe with her younger aunt and 3 friends calling themselves “The Soulbreakers“. Jordan’s first realisation of the rocky road to fame was when they were left stranded in Europe by the dodgy manager at the end of the tour, with no money and having to hitchhike back to England!!!

Undaunted by that episode and with her love of music, it was not long before she crossed paths with Eddy Grant and became one of his backing vocalists at the height of his fame. This was her first taste of touring the world on the big stage, kicking off in Argentina, where Diego Maradona, also at the height of his career, leapt on stage at the invite of Eddy, to dance on stage with them at the famous Luna Park Arena.

Jordan BaileySince then her music career has gone from strength to strength. From Brosettes who would camp outside her house trying to get any snippet of gossip about their idols Bros, to sharing the stage with Nelson Mandela for his 70th birthday party at Wembley. She has covered the world with top artists such as Joe Cocker, Depeche Mode, Eddy Grant, and Erasure to name but a few, performing at some of the world’s best venues, such as Madison Square Gardens, Wembley Stadium and Aintree Racecourse with Kim Wilde supporting Michael Jackson….Phew!

You can catch Jordan performing closer to home and in Europe with known artistes from the 80’s era.

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